10 Questions to ask your wedding videographer


1. What video styles do you offer?




When it comes to wedding videos cinematic style is usually always the way to go for that modern-day industry standard. Traditional style will be lighter on the pockets when it comes time for payment but is it worth it in the end when it’s nothing more than a point and shoot with no creativity in the shots and post-production giving you a result of no emotional impact. When you hire Cinematographers, it likes having a personnel director to your movie, but instead of a fake love story, this one is really from beginning to the end. They will capture the right scenes and details throughout the day that will be cut in the editing process, mixing and matching as well as adding audio, color grading and much more to set the tone of your perfect movie.




This style is commonly used often and is sometimes known as a journalistic approach, giving you a creative cinematic style but with less mixing and matching when it comes to the editing process. The events captured throughout the day will be placed in order giving you a straightforward video of the day.


2. What type of videos do you make?


Featured Length


A typical feature-length video can be up to 20 or 150 minutes depending on the set package deal or if the videographer has customized for his clients which usually cost more when looking to extend.


Highlight Reel


A typical Highlight length video can be up to 3 to 10 minutes of your best moments like the vows, cake cutting, the toast, and dances. This video is favored by most brides sharing it with family and friend.


3. Is there any option that can be added?


Same Day Edit


You and your guests who attend your reception will get to enjoy and relive the experience of the events that occurred on your wedding throughout the day.


Raw Footage


The raw footage will be placed on a media device which will be your unedited footage.  By receiving the raw footage,  the bride or groom will edit the footage themselves or find a good friend that will help them out. 


Editing Revisions


When it comes to posting production, the editor takes the footage and starts to form the story based on the client’s questions and answer sheet as a guideline. They take a good amount of time to skim through the footage to get a sense of the couples romantic or quirky characters to get a good start in setting the tone for the video. After a month or so the video will be delivered, but sometimes there are unexpected things that the couple would like to add therefore the videographers will give 1 to 3 revisions on the final video.


Engagement video


It’s a pretty sweet deal if you can have this type video thrown into the wedding package for no charge. Even if you did need to pay them, it could still be worth it, being able to show a highlighted video of the couple answering interviewed questions about the love they have for each other or talking about the best and worst moments together that people can hear and enjoy at the reception.


4. Do you follow us on the photo shoot?


Videographers will monitor the congregation photo shoot to capture creative moments.  When the videographer finds a chance between the photographer taking pictures they will step in to ask the couple or the group for a setup shot that may be added to the final video.


5. What type of equipment do you bring to a wedding?


There are many tools that a videographer will bring throughout the day to capture and ensure excellent quality in his story making.


Gear that would be brought by a videographer would include tripods, monopods, sliders, lav mics, steadicams, lights, digital field recorder, and backup equipment.


6. How long will it take to finish editing our wedding video?


This can vary from 1 month all the way to 6 months depending on the company you go with and how many weddings they are booked for in a season.  However,  on average, it can take 1 to 3 months to receive your video.

7. How do we prepare on our wedding day?


Most wedding videographers that you set a meeting with and maybe end up signing with should be sending you a client question and answer sheet depending on if the videographer talked about these details in your last meeting but if not then in the next few days the sheet should be sent out to you. This will help the videographer fully understands what they should be keeping in mind when capturing footage on the day of your wedding.                


Question Example: Will you be exchanging unique gifts or writing letters to each other on the marriage day? If so, would you be comfortable reading your letters privately, on camera? This can be a powerful story element in your film.


8. Do you provide photography service?


Many companies provide the photography service, but most of the time they are just well trusted outsourced companies.  Videographers who do not offer photography service ensure that they are 100 % focused on their craft and in producing a high-quality video for their clients. 


9. What are your payment terms?


Not all, but some videographers will have you pay a small retainer fee on the day of signing to secure the booking. The total outstanding fees will be paid before receiving the final product.

10. How far advance should we book the videographer?


The timelines for booking a videographer could be about 5 to 12 months but the sooner the better, especially if you want to secure the videographer for your specific wedding date.


Life Lens will set a meeting with the couple to go over the breakdown of your marriage, our role for the day, and paperwork to be signed. In the next few days, we will send you a client question and answer sheet. This Q&A document will help us fully understand what we should be keeping in mind when capturing footage on the day of your wedding.                


Question Example: will you be exchanging unique gifts or writing letters to each other on the wedding day? If so, would you be comfortable reading your letters privately, on camera? This can be a powerful story element in your film.

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