5 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Wedding Videographer


1. Capturing Visuals and Sound

Photography has always been a great investment for weddings by capturing still frames of any moment, but videography should be added as a further investment to capture much more than pictures. Video adds elements of sound and movement. It tingles the senses while watching the first look, first kiss, first dances, mother & father’s toasts, or even seeing a big smile on grandmother’s face.


2. Things Happen So Fast

Being the main center point in your own event can really put a lot of pressure on you to make sure everything goes to plan exactly how you envisioned it to be on your special day. It’s unfortunate that you don’t come with a second set of eyes to concentrate on the moments you dreamed about with your future spouse! It’s impossible to focus on every second of time during the one day that binds you and your partner together forever while also being able to capture the excitement around you or reactions of your guests. Videography helps to give you that second pair of eyes to slow down and capture your special day to the fullest extent. It allows you to relive special moments and oftentimes see moments that you didn’t even know happened around you with your guests.


3. Emotional Impact

After the video is crafted in the editing process it is delivered and ready to be showcased as your own romantic love story that you as a couple get to star in. The film will warm the heart through capturing happiness, excitement, joy and even sadness that you and others will get to relive as you watch the video and feel the same impactful feelings all over again.


4. Shareable

Social media has become a tool for staying connected with family and friends. The ability to share your love story on platforms such as Facebook allows those that were unable to attend your special day to witness your story and become a part of it in their own way. It also allows those that were there to share some of their favorite moments with others.


5. Moments that will Last a Lifetime

It’s sentimental to have something tangible to hold on to that marks the beginning of the love story you created. In the future, you can cozy up with on your 10th, 20th, 30th anniversary or anytime you want to relive your love story and the emotional impact that was felt on that day.

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