How can I plan my wedding to be as safe as possible?

Celebrate Your Love, Safely   


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Today’s question is all about safety! “How can I plan my wedding to be as safe as possible?” 

It’s no secret that the current pandemic has made planning and celebrating weddings very difficult. Luckily with the right preparation, you can still get married sooner than later! There are just a few key points to keep in mind: 

  1. Stay informed. If there’s something that we’ve learned from going through a pandemic it’s that things can change. Keep yourself updated on all the latest regulations and restrictions locally and provincially. 
  2. Communicate with your vendors. Ask all your vendors about their covid protocols and what insurance they may or may not have in case you have to postpone or even cancel your wedding plans. 
  3. Communicate with your venue. Before signing any contracts be sure to find out all the regulations. Maximum capacity, signing, social distancing, seating, PPE, food protocols are all examples of important details that will ensure the safety of your guests. It’s a good idea to also have someone in charge of enforcing safety measures so you can focus on your wedding. 
  4. Communicate with your guests. Once you have your guest list finalized, be sure to clearly communicate your intentions for your wedding plans as well as the possibility of a backup plan. Many couples opt to add all covid information on their save the date cards although, ideally a website or email might work best as you can keep guests updated if your plans do change. Be sure to add information on what safety precautions you will have in place as well as what will be expected of them and let your guests know that their safety is a main priority. 
  5. Plan an outdoor wedding. Many couples have been hopping on the outdoor wedding trend. If a fully outdoor wedding isn’t possible then try an indoor/outdoor wedding. 
  6. Hire a live streaming service. Many couples opt for a smaller wedding and have their guests join through a live streaming service. Although this is not a traditional option it’s very inclusive and guests will be able to share in the celebration from wherever they are. 
  7. Getting married now, party later. Another option that many couples have decided on is having a smaller ceremony and planning a reception or dinner on another date. This gives the couple a bit more flexibility without having to postpone their wedding. 


We hoped that these pointers will help you to keep your wedding as safe as can be! Spread the love! Not the germs! If you’ve had a covid safe wedding be sure to share your story with us in the comments below! WE’ll see you next time.

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