Will my wedding still be special if it’s small or if I have no reception?

A small wedding, big experience Script

One question that we’ve been hearing a lot is “Will my wedding still be special if it’s small or if i have no reception?” 

The short answer is: Of course it will be! 

Today we’re going to answer this question by sharing an experience we had recently, shooting a smaller wedding. 

There are three main unique characteristics that come with having a smaller wedding. The first being cost: 

Smaller weddings tend to cost less. We had the pleasure of working with a couple who decided on a smaller wedding so naturally, they were able to cut many expenses. Their budget was spent on video, Livestream video, photo, cake, and food. When it came to other vendors, they asked close family and friends to add their own special touch on things like flowers and decor. 

This brings me to the next point, intimacy: 

A common con of larger weddings is always the lack of intimacy between the couple and their guests. The best part for us, when shooting the smaller wedding, was the relationship we made between the couple and everyone involved in the day. The wedding was shot in the family home with only their closest family members and the home was filled with childhood memories and pictures. The more time that passed the more that we learned not just about the couple and their story but their whole family’s story. There are no words that describe the feeling we had when the mother of the bride proudly shared her daughter’s music awards showcased in their sitting room. It was moments like these that made this day special to us, and if it was special to us, then it was that much more special to the couple. Even after we wrapped up for the day we found ourselves staying to share in the rest of their celebration. 

This final point I’d like to make about smaller weddings is that they are always very unique. While all weddings have their own unique touches, smaller weddings have their own kind of special moments. Going back to the smaller wedding we shot, we found that there were experiences in this couple’s family home that could not be found anywhere else. The couple had decided to do their photoshoot in the back yard and while this was already unique in itself, while in the middle of the shoot, their neighbors happened to come out onto their balcony to greet them with waves and congratulatory words. Additionally, since we never changed locations, we had the chance to include everyone in every aspect of the day. 

Well, I hope that our experience helped you to see just how beautiful a smaller wedding can be. Let us know if you have any other questions and share your smaller wedding experiences with us as well. 

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