Make the Most of Your Wedding Video

How to Make the Most of Your Wedding Video


Today we’ll be answering a very important question: “What can I do to make sure my videographer gets the best shots on my wedding day?” We really appreciate this question because there are a few ways you can collaborate with your videographer to make sure you make the most out of your wedding video.

Give us all the details! This goes without saying but always provide us with as many details about your wedding day as possible! When providing us with your itinerary be sure to include the moments like surprises or gift exchanges. As plans evolve, keep us in the loop! It will make all the difference in your wedding video to have all your special moments.

Lighting and Sound Good lighting and sound are key elements that can make or break your video. If you’re able, it’s always great to ask venues and churches about their lighting and mic setups. There’s nothing worse than a video you can’t really see or hear! Besides that, here’s another tip.

Scheduling your photoshoot at golden hour, around late afternoon, will take your video and photos to another level! So keep that in mind when you’re scheduling your day.

Intimacy Weddings are so eventful that they usually pass by in a flash. It’s important to schedule in moments of intimacy. A first look or even a letter is a quiet and intimate moment you can include in your video. You will have a chance to look back on the events of the day as well as your emotions.

Encourage Collaboration Between Guests and Photographers There’s no doubt that your guests will want to capture the memory of your wedding on their personal devices and rightly so, although this should not take priority over the high-quality video you have booked for the day. Additionally, photographers may overlook that your videographer needs to capture moments as well. Communicating with guests about prioritizing your videographer’s line of vision and communicating with your photographers to give videographers an equal chance to capture moments is a simple way to get the most out of your wedding video.

Be yourself! You have worked so hard to plan your special day so enjoy yourself and be who you really are. Authentic moments are what will really make your video special! Well, we hope that these tips help you to make the most of your wedding video! Tell us about your experiences with video at your wedding and go ahead and thumbs up this video for more!

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