How to Choose a Wedding Videographer

Often times wedding videographers offer and charge a lot for similar services when it comes to packages and prices. It can get pretty hard to pinpoint who you’d hand over a significant sum of money to in hopes of a high-quality product. Prices vary based on experience. The average prices can go anywhere from $2000 to $8000 or even more.  This usually depends on what type of elements and creative capturing the wedding calls for or what the client wants. Anything lower may sound like a good deal but more likely is an indicator to how amateur the videographer is unless, of course, they are a kind family member doing you a remarkable favor.

How is the videographer’s price calculated?

People sometimes say, “We just show up and shoot… what’s so hard about that?” For videographers, quality is a big factor that we hold with pride. It takes a few years to build a keen eye for creative crafting that produces a beautiful cinematic style video. Before being trusted to start capturing for the company, videographers put in a lot of hard work with school, internships and production assistance for weddings.

When branching off into our brand, there are some unavoidable essential tools to invest in to achieve the top modern quality that is presently in demand. Videographer’s gear includes cameras, lights and audio equipment, tripods, monopods, high performing computers, editing software, hard drives and other accessories. It can get very pricey especially considering that after a good amount of weddings, equipment tends to wear and tear. There is always a constant battle for new investments on equipment.

Videographers work hard in building style and quality of work that is apparent in the videos produced for every client. In order to ensure consistency, we seek to build a solid team that is trustworthy in providing the same quality of style. Once this quality is established, videographers can confidently move forward with the knowledge that they are paid what they are worth. In order to make the price a little lighter, we usually suggest two or three professional videographers depending on the package we offer.

Often times, a team shooter in training can help lighten the price while still providing workable quality to use. Most of the money goes into editing time, seeing as how that it is the most important and time-consuming part of the production. This is where the love story is formed. Audio is set in place and color correction is tailored perfectly to the tone of the video. However, this can take months to complete as there is an abundance of footage to go through when organizing clips into a beautiful work of art.

Many successful companies have an average of 10 to 80 weddings per year which makes for a busy wedding season. It would be wise to become familiar with your videographer and his team as well as be aware of the extensive amount of workload they will be tackling. The editing process of your video may take a good amount of time due to the extensive inventory that they must complete. That’s why it’s important to make sure you discuss a deadline for the delivery of your final wedding film.

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