The Top 10 Moments You’ll Want to Capture in Your Wedding Video

Photo Cred: Tom Hall Photography your wedding day is a lot of work and usually entails focusing a great amount of attention to detail. It can be overwhelming at times but with the help of family and friends, all the hard work speaks for itself. Although, the real beauty of your wedding day lies in [...]

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How to Choose a Wedding Videographer

Often times wedding videographers offer and charge a lot for similar services when it comes to packages and prices. It can get pretty hard to pinpoint who you’d hand over a significant sum of money to in hopes of a high-quality product. Prices vary based on experience. The average prices can go anywhere from $2000 [...]

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5 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Wedding Videographer

1. Capturing Visuals and Sound Photography has always been a great investment for weddings considering that it provides the opportunity to capture still frames of any moment, but videography should be added as a further investment because it captures much more than pictures. Video adds elements of sound and movement which enhance the memories captured. [...]

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