What Goes Into Making a Wedding Video?

Today we’ll be answering a question that may help you gain some insight on wedding video productions, “What goes into making a wedding video?”


There are a few key aspects that we will go over. 


  1. The Team

A wedding production is not a one man job. It takes a team of professionals to create your wedding video. Starting with a producer and ending with the editor, our team contributes their time and above all their expertise to create and operate our equipment.


  1. Our equipment

Speaking of equipment, video equipment is no joke! Professional video equipment is essential in delivering a high quality product and in order to get as much use out of them, they are carefully handled, maintained, and insured for every production.


  1. Pre-Production 

Every stage of production is equally crucial to creating the best wedding video possible. Our pre-production team takes care of the logistics of your video like the booking of videographers and ensuring the whole team is informed of all the details of your wedding. They are the ones who are in contact with you and make sure the shoot day runs smoothly. 


  1. Shoot Day

On the day of your wedding, a film crew is sent out to capture your wedding. Their creative expertise and professional training will ensure that you will have your wedding day memories for a lifetime. The crew that works on shoot day will depend on how large your wedding video production is but can include videographers, sound and lighting experts, and/or assistants. 


  1. Post-Production

After the film crew has captured your wedding day, the footage is sent to our post-production team of editors. Our talented editors are trained to use special software. They take all the footage and turn all the video clips into a masterpiece. 

We hope that this gave you some insight into what goes into making your wedding video happen. Leave us a question in the comments and like for more! 

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